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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Propulsion Is Tension

This morning (6/11/2008 0900-1200) was my second final exam paper.. Propulsion a.k.a Thermodynamics’ Extension.. I didn’t sleep just to study on a Test 2 question which is a very high mark question.. During the test, for that particular turbine engine question, the total marks is 20.. But this morning, the total mark was 30.. 20 marks requires solutions around 4 full pages.. For this 30 marks, I’ve made the solutions up to 6 pages.. The longest solutions I ever made so far in my life.. Even my SPM Malay language essay is only 4 pages..

Jet Engine,one of turbine engine
Jet Engine, one of turbine engine

Remembering the equations were hard enough.. There were around 15 equations altogether.. The worst is that that 15 equations are only for one type of Turbine Engine (TE).. That’s why in aerospace, they called it “Fire And Forget” during study period.. Now I know why they created that say..

Why should there be too many types of engine in the world.. Curse on the creator of these engines.. In turbine engine only, they have a lot to remember.. Propeller TE, Turbofan TE, Turbojet TE, Ramjet TE, Rocket TE, Afterburner TE, Turboprop TE, and the list goes on.. have to remember all the equations for these engines? I think not.. but thats what I had done.. Huhu.. pretty amazing huh.. I don’t know if I did the right solutions this morning.. but it had been done..

But I’m happy because the paper was finished.. One of my biggest burden for this examinations weeks.. I have 2 more to go.. Aicraft Structures and Aircraft Systems.. One is calculative paper and the other on is on reading and remembering.. And I’m off this diploma level.. I’m blowing away another burden.. Blow hard enough so that it wouldn’t come back..


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