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Monday, November 17, 2008

Last One For Now

tomorrow (18/11/2008) is a big day
The last examination for diploma level
Aircarft Systems

There are system involve in aircraft
The Hydraulics Systems, Pneumatic Systems,
Landing Gear, Aircraft Instruments,
and Environmental System

Those are the 5 chapters
and this is the book

Aircraft : Maintenance and Repair
Sixth Edition

By : Kroes Watkins Delps

Pretty thick
The thicker the book, the more the knowledge is
how thick the book is, can never be thicker than my skull
at this moment, no book can penetrate my skull

so I came to a solution to make the book less thick
I made the 600 pages book
into 6 pages of small notes
(actually these 6 pages notes are my 'toyol' during test 1 and 2)

Sadly i can't use these 'toyol' during test
because Pn. Ghazirah (lecturer of Aircraft Systems)
is so strict during her test
too bad for me

But at least now, they are useful enough
It helps a lot having these 'toyol' over the book

The exam is a subjective examination
my favourite type of exam
no calculation, no math, no equations

It's time for me to 'goreng'
As long as there are time
I'll 'goreng' as much as I want
That's why I have to read 'toyol'
and remember them all

that's all for now 'toyol' is calling me


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