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Monday, July 19, 2010

tutup website

KameraMin yang dulu beralamat di kini dah berpindah ke

maka website lama tu nak tutup la. Tinggallah website baru je yang akan beroperasi.

sila layari

Tips to buy DSLR

Study and do a very detail research about various brands DSLR.
There are numbers of DSLR brands like Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Hassleblad, Mamiya, Yashica, Sigma, Olympus, Samsung, Panasonic, Minolta and more. Make sure you buy what you need. Example : you are using the DSLR to take photos, why bother so much to buy DSLR with video recorder?

Compare all type of brands you can find.
Price - Cheapest and most valuable for your money
Warranty - how long the warranty last? Local warranty - you can claim at local service center (take less time than international waranty to repair or service). international warranty - you have to wait for shipping process, the DSLR will be ship back to its original service center in other country
Functionality - between all the brands and models of DSLR you find. Compare which one have the best function, easy to use and suit your style.

Don't fall for Megapixels
Normally when you go at any shop, they will try to seduce you with megapixels trick. 
Seller "this brand is good, got 18MP.. that one only have 12MP"
Buyer "ooo.. i buy that 18MP"
Bear in mind that beautiful photo are not related to MP of DSLR. Average DSLR user will just print the photo only on 4R size which equal to 3MP. Why do you need a very big MP if you just want to print on small size 4R?

Ask for more
Normally, shopkeepers will sell the DSLR body + kit lens only, when you purchase. Actually, everytime they buy DSLR stocks from distributor, it is a very standard procedure that DSLR body + kit lens come with tripod + at least 4GB memory card + bag.. They will tell you to buy these items and add some more money into it. Be careful with this type of seller. When you buy DSLR, please ask for freebies that actually is free, not buy them cheaper.. free..
Always ask for bag + tripod + lens cleaner + memory card + lens filter..

Bring someone who is experienced with buying
For a first time DSLR buyer, the idea of bringing along someone who have experiences buying DSLR might be a very brilliant idea. That person should at least know what to expect from the seller and would also give you advices and guidance during your trade. after asuccessful trade, we should treat him/her to a coffee.

more tips to come.. visit us next time..
to be continue...

How to choose GOOD DSLR?

How to choose a good DSLR?
It depends on few things. Budget, Usage, Popularity

What ever you buy please consider your budget. The best thing to do is buy DSLR that really really worth every dolar you spend.
You can also consider buying 2nd hand DSLR and its accessories with a highly caution.

What do you use you DSLR for? For hobby, taking pictures of family and landscape?
Bear in mind that DSLR have many range from beginner up until professional level.
What is the different between beginner / entry level DSLR, semi-pro DSLR and professional level DSLR? When you know what type of photography you will use your DSLR for, then you can narrow the range of DSLR that you should chpoose before buying.

By popularity, what I mean is that when the camera is popularly use, it become much easier for you to find shops that sell the same DSLR. It made it easier to find accessories, gadgets and lenses.
And most importantly, a very popular brand DSLR will surely have many user. Thus, you can communicate and learn to use your DSLR with them.
In business, if there are many sellers who sell the same thing, it will create business rival. So, the shopkeepers will fight for the best price to attract customers. This is an advantage for popular brand DSLR.

Tips to buy DSLR

About DSLR

What is DSLR?
DSLR stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex.

Cross-section view of DSLR system:
(1) 4-element lens
(2) Reflex mirror
(3) Focal-plane shutter
(4) Image sensor
(5) Matte focusing screen
(6) Condenser lens
(7) Pentaprism
(8) Eyepiece

What is Sensor?
Also known as image sensor. In the DSLR, its function is to absorb the lights coming thorugh the lens electronically and convert it into colors for the photo.

What is Shutter?
Shutter is the element in the DSLR that is use as a window. Once the shutter release is pressed. The shutter will mechanically open to allow light pass it and touches the Image sensor.
The amount of time for the shutter to open can be control.

What is Viewfinder?
View finder or eyepiece is a small window which allow the photographer to look into it. By looking into the viewfinder, the photographer can actually see what the DSLR will capture before the photorapher press the shutter  release.

Battery Grip

There are many brands for DSLR
some of the brands are Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Samsung, panasonic, Sigma, Hasselblad, Yashica, Mamiya, Minolta, Contax, Pentax..
there are number of brands for DSLR in the market.
too many to tell here.

to be continue..
please visit us next week... for more informations..

 How to choose a good DSLR?
Tips to buy DSLR

Beginner / Entry Level DSLR

Entry level or beginner level DSLR are type of DSLR that have very basic ability of DSLR. Most brand have their entry level just to tackle buyer on the low budget side.

These are 4 top seller for DSLR brands in Malaysia (Nikon, Canon, Sony and Pentax)

The of entry level DSLR price is cheaper compare to semi-pro DSLR and professional level DSLR. It is merely because it functions and abilities are lower than the higher level DSLR.

Normally the differents are based on few criteria

the level of ISO it can achieve
the functions and buttons on the body
the material and weight
number of affective pixels
the quality of processor
frame per second

besides the 4 famous brands in Malaysia, there are also others such as Panasonic, Samsung, Olympus, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Yashica, Sigma, Contax. Google for them, maybe you'll find more.

Friday, July 16, 2010


The Choice
Author : Ahmed Deedat

The book is mainly came from Ahmed Deedat's experiences on debating with various Christian representatives.. the highest priests, pope, avengalists, padre, churches of many nations (catholics, protestant, angelic, etc..)

He raises questions on the basic of Christianity.. the trinity concept..

Reading the book will open a wider view for us, because he basically proves the downfall of christianity basic concept by pointing out verses in the bibles.. for your information, there are thousand of bibles VERSIONS across the world. by versions the author explains.

for example:
The most read bible in the world are the King James Version and the Revised Standard Version (RSV). Among these bibles, the older one have more books than the newer one. By the power of christian hihgest authority, they throw out several books. Why? those are god's word as you claim. Can you revised god's words? Are you that brilliant than god, that you said god's words are no good and throw them away?

My explanation might not be an accurate one, i couldn't recall the numbers nd the name of those thrown away books. But to know it all, read The Choice yourself. It will ansers it all.

Many Christian have failed to explain it up until today. (that's one of the many questions Ahmed Deedat ask, many more in The Choice)

Dare to read?

the book was translated into Malay language also. Find it at your nearest bookstore.

p/s: don't like reading. youtube "Ahmed Deedat". By the way for your information Ahmed Deedat passsed away few years ago. Al-fatihah.

thanks goodness that there are several of his students around the world continuing his da'wah like Dr. Zakir Naik.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gadis Melayu versi hindi..

Thursday, July 01, 2010


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