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Saturday, August 20, 2011

IKEA's IDEA IS AWESOME! 2012 Catalogue

Who doesn't want to have a good living space.  Be it your living room, kitchen, balcony, office or whatever space it is, surely you want it to look great and work.

my favourite spot to go for idea is IKEA.. you'll find thousands of things to create (in your mind by looking at their designs)

Honestly, IKEA's products are not so good in terms of quality. Most of the product are made of compress wood dust (I don't know the exact term for it). And they will not last more than 3-5 years due to humidity and wear. But IKEA is the best place to find designers furniture at lower price. For me it's a win-win situation, designer furniture = low quality = cheap.. that's sound fair enough. And furthermore, I get bored easily with the same design of furniture in my place. So, 3 years is good enough for a furniture to go out of the window down to the yard. It's not expansive so I don't have this feeling "I cannot throw this away because it is expensive"

Here is why IKEA never fail to turn small space into a very useful place. 

IKEA Catalogue 2012

So, you can use the catalogue to do pre-shopping before you actually go to IKEA. easy way to do shopping furniture.

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therosputih said...

agree with IKEA too...but never have the chance to go and shopping there...hahaha

Mohd Muhaimin Radzuan said...

take a chance and go.. you'll be amaze.. hehe.. like me.. hehe

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