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Saturday, September 18, 2010


Cat are well known for their cuteness, energetic and loyal pet. But beware guys. These cats are up to something. Since the time we (human) adopt cat as a pet, they had planned a conspiracy which i called Cat Conspiracy. Believe it or not, cat.

They will control the human through many strategic things

Adore Cat

Making human think cats are adorable and adopt them. When they conquer all homes in the world, they will strike. They will start killing the people inside the house.

So, stop adopting cat as pet. Don't let their cute face tremble your mind and soften your heart. Cats are the enemy of human being. We should expel them and disband them from our neighbourhood.

Secret language

They manage to create secret language which only cat understand worldwide. Constantly having open meeting in front of us, interchanging their intelligent informations under our nose.

This video shows one of the secret meeting that we manage to decode. It took us years and years of study to decode their language.

Guys, if you bump into this situation, please record it and send to our agent so that we can decode it. Your help in deed a big help to ensure the existance of our human race.

Idolize Cat
Using themselves as public idol. Look around you, there are hundreds cat that are becoming idols and icons. Their faces are on eveything, daily products, shirts and anything you can imagine. The cat control the economy, and work their way up to gain our trust before killing us all.

Hello Kitty


Pussy in Boots (Shrek)

actor in movie

human as little as 3 years old kid surely know these cat idols. See, how far the cats willing to do to control our mind. Event the youngster were included in their bad conspiracy to control the world. How bad the situation is.


Cat are practising a type of martial art which involve killing rituals. Why do ou think, cat catch mouse. Yes, the reason is because mouse were use as a ritual to uprise the strength while learning martial art. They sacrifice mouse for that particular reason.

When their number is more, surely they will strike us anytime soon. Prepare yourself with human martial art people, so you can defend yourself against them.

Worship Cat

Proven! During Pharaoh era in Egypt BC. People worship cats as god, it was everywhere in scriptures, monument and even the crown have cat symbols. This determine that cat planned it since thousands years ago.

Watch this video and you shall believe how serious this conspiracy. It will turn you upside down. Video contains disturbing images.

WAKE UP.. We need to STOP this CAT CONSPIRACY from spreading. Please, please, please.. Spread the information to all human race. Watch our back, cat maybe spying on you. Some of our brothers who are actively moving against the cat are already experience fierce attack. Be warn..


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