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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Real Indepencende Warriors of MALAYSIA

These are videos that i saw on Youtube. Its a series of 4 vids. If you are a Malaysian, there's no way this will be publish in our so called "SEJARAH TEXTBOOK".. because of these peoples are the left wing of independence, they were treated as the enemies of the MALAYA at that time..

Let me ask you, British had MALAYA under their ruling (Malaya was only part of british colonial - with local puppets to joke around as 'leaders').. And these real warriors come out with the idea to have our own MERDEKA! from the very beginning.. They oppose all the British ideologies (the Malayan Union, the Federation Constitutional).. British and few that allied with them, considered these REAL heroes as MALAYA's ENEMY.. how pathethics, just because these people don't agree with you (the local peoples that allied with British), doesn't mean they are your enemy.. ou both have same thing in mind, that was to chase out the British.. (why hate your own people - surely because the greed for power)

All in all, watch these videos guys.. spend sometime and understand the REAL WARRIORS and the REAL HISTORY OF MALAYSIA.. hope this will open our mind towards the real thing about MALAYSIA..


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