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Friday, September 17, 2010

Good Tough or Worst Tough

This is how I differentiate toughness. Haha.. Nothing serious here, just my view about it.. Enough say, these photos will make you understand my standard of toughness.. :) Which one do you prefer?


This type of body need some highr level training rather than just aerobics. But not so hard to get if you can cope with simple bodybuilding training.

Bi Rain

Hidetoshi Nakata

I wish I can be tough like Bi Rain and Hidetoshi Nakata.. :) :) :)


this type of body need a very intense training with disciplines. The gym is their home, the bed is their friend to get some after training rest..

I wish the body building madness will stop.. ewww..

Which one do you prefer to have (for male) or to pick (for female)..


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