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Friday, May 22, 2009

CV : the story


(Rabu - 20/5/2009)
Aku baru balik keje, then balik terus ke rumah.. Sampai rumah lebih kurang kol 10.00 mlm.. hari ni agak penat sebab last2 minute ramai customer datang.. hmmm.. bile sampai rumah, aku terus tenet.. bukak email sume.. pastu baru la aku pegi mandi.. segar sket.. Mula-mula aku check email, takde yang baru.. sume pasal update facebook dengan update blog.. Pastu aku check plak forum kat Tibe2 aku terbaca sesuatu yang buat aku jadi terkedu..
there's no official info yet..
but Derek from Air Asia did say..
"Hi all, just spoke to the captain in charge of
the programme and indicative timeline is
the third week of June.
All your CVs have been submitted for further action.
The pilots will be in touch shortly."..
So we're assuming it'll be around that particular date...
about the exams.. like the above..
no official statements as of yet..
but i'm sure there'll be exams
just like the normal intake too..
better be well prepared guys/ gals

is it true? so, i started pouring lots and lots of question to these peoples..
"I can't see any attachment button when i submit the blogpost"
"Is that a requirement to send in CV? Coz it's not stated in the rules"
"Why don't they told about this earlier?"
"Is it possible if I send the CV now?"
"Will my blogpost be terminated from the competition since I didn't send in the CV?" "Do you have any contact number of AirAsia blogteam?"

But none of my questions was answered.. That forummer probably had logged out.. That's why all my question are without answer.. it made my brain tangled up.. What to do? what to do?
While thinking of that my blogpost is already out of the competition, I started to feel very very sad.. A very deep sadness.. Told ain about this and she said for me to be relax and don't get so sad.. If it is true, she said that I should start doing the Cv and send them to AirAsia..
I'll do everything I could, start doing my CV.. Download samples from the internet, asking around where the AirAsia Academy is.. and Ain offers to me that she would take me and send me to AirAsia Academy.. Pick me at Nilai Komuter and directly send me to the academy.. How sweet of her (but its look better if it works the other way around)
Tomorrow I'll go there, to send in my CV by hand.. It must be done.. Whatever the consequence is, I must make sure that my CV reaches the table of the blogteam.. and have the same chance like other 34 candidates.. I work all nite, went to 7E at 4.00am and photocopied all the necessary documents and certificates.. Work on the CV..
"Why did't I send the CV in the first place.
How stupid of me that I didn't notice the requirement of CV"

That is all that I had in my mind.. Sad and feeling bad, a single mistake slipped away my dream to become pilot. All I hope is to be given the chance to send in my CV..
That's all in my hope now..
At last, the CV was finish almost at 5.00 am.. Still not sleeping yet, keep online to check whether the other candidates had the same problem as I am..
Now suddenly my eyes getting smaller and smaller (than usual small size).. and I felt asleep, luckily the desktop is beside my bed and i la on my bed.. That was a good sleep for me.. sleep due to tiredness..
the next morning I woke up and quickly check the forum for answers of my question.. and i got this..
hey hajime shinkai.. (my nickname in the forum)
don't worry so much..
basically the CV cum Resume equates to all our
background info's + education/ work exp. info's, etc..
that we've already included in our blogpost..
which Air Asia Blog Team has filtered before
actually publishing the blogs on the web aite?..
They're not really attachments..
They're more or less 'included' as part of the post..

By the way, which candidate are u hajime shinkai..
I'm sure Air Asia would've contacted u thru phone or email, if ure info's are missing, since they did state that they
need the 'info's prior to publishing the
selected blog posts.. So don't worry lorrr!!

I called Ain and told her out about it.. She said to me
"Kan saya dah kata dah, takdenye kena hantar CV tu..
Mana ada dalam syarat2 dia.. Awak tu yang tak nak dengar..
Nak risau2 jugak"

I felt happy la..Walopon penat wat CV sume.. But it's worth to know the real story..
So, I don't have to go to AirAsia Academy.. Can still stay home and relax a bit,
because today is my off-day..
My super turbo charge heart is now becoming single piston engine..
Slow and steady..
thanks to Ain for her shoulder to cry on.. :-)
I don't know what to say.. i become very fragile nowadays because of pilot..
about Mara loan, about AirAsia "So You Wanna Be A Pilot"..


Bart Persie said...

Jgn lupe..
Thanks to Allah to..;)

Mohd. Muhaimin Radzuan said...

tak lupe pnye..

'ainrahimin said...

hope everythings going well...

Mohd. Muhaimin Radzuan said...

hope so...

aiEN said...

syg.. dh kate kn???
lenkali jgn kelam kabut k..
kalo jadi cmtu pon, sure ada hikmah n
bole je anta jgk CV tu and everything will be alrite syg.. menda2 besa cmni, especially airline company mcm AIR ASIA tu mesti ade
procedure syg.. kalo awk tu ada tertinggal ape2 info, xkan la dia nk pilih awk dari 1000 entry tu kn..?? mcm org air asia tu pon ckp, ada 400 org try tp, 35 terpilih.. so sbb ape?? sure laa sbb 35 org ni plng perfect antara semua syg..

lagi 1, teknologi dah canggih ni, kalo awk tertinggal ape2, xkn laa dia x bg tahu ape2.. even, kat blog air asia tu pon kn awk dh penah sembang ngan captain dia.. xkn laa x bg tahu kat awk..

awk ni kn syg.....

xmo risau2 sebelom siasat k..

syg awk..

cikmune said...

wow. all the best. keep up the good work~

Mohd. Muhaimin Radzuan said...

best work all the way..

[S]itie [B]Um [B]Um said...

sweet la korng ni..

Mohd. Muhaimin Radzuan said...

time kasih.. ada nurulain binti baharuddin mesti nak jadi sweet jer.. :-)

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