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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Hijab, Niqab and Nothing

Watch this video and have some comments and opinions.. i would like to know..

I hate the woman that wears nothing.. She speak as without any basic knowledge of the Quran and Hadith.. In simpler word, she's lack of knowledge.. And even doesn't know what the host was talking about when she express  a verse from Quran about muslim woman having to cover parts of body.. It shows how shallow she know about the issue. I'm not hating her for not wearing hijab. I'm hating her because of her attitude that she refuse to believe what the quran says, and worst, she misinterprate the whole meaning of the verse and telling that her word is correct. So annoying of people with that attitude. Saying you yourself don't wanna wear the hijab is fine, your choice your sin your book. But saying that it (wearing hijab) is not an obligation, was way out of the universe. I wish that she will got hidayah someday. Not hating her in person, just hate her attitude. No knowledge and understanding but bravely making statement. It's like preaching everyone to go to hell, it's a great place but doesn't even know what the word hell mean (and feel so proud doing that)

And very much happy with the both niqab and hijab because they knew why they wear and what they wear. They got the knowledge and real attitude for a muslim, they don't even blame the "nothing" women because they knew that she don't get the hidayah yet. And why quarrel with stupidity?

In conclusion, wearing hijab, niqab, purdah, scarf or even "tudung siti".. is all about how much do you really know about what quran says about it. and what the hadith that follows the quranic verse..

At the end, iman speaks louder through actions..

2cent advice : study what you are doing (especially something related to religion) rather than talking your native and cracked brain out.


deadgorgeouszaza said...

as for me, whenever i see a woman who wears niqab, i see her as a very, very, veryyyyyy beautiful woman. i am very, very, very much want to see her actual face. i am so, very, eager to see her beauty.

i see the hijab or niqab as the shield of muslim womens' pride.

and i am TOTALLY not agree and sympathetic wif the middle one. someone pls guide her!

aiEN said...

She talked without thinking.. obviously she tried to manipulate the evidences in Al-Quran by her lack knowledge about Islam.. MasyaALLAH.. no one can guide her if her heart doesn't willingly open and learn about her very own religion..Let just pray for 'Hidayah Allah' to approach her .. Her only mistake was that she brave to speak out loud her nonsense opinion regardless of 'dalil2' in Al-Quran..

It's not just that woman in the video actually.. just look at our own self.. Even we truly understand what Islam is all about and even HE bless us with a brilliant brain we sometimes intentionally break the rules.. Subhanallah..

Love to see Muslim women with strong faith in Islam express her own opinion without any doubt like that..

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