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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Angry at Blogger stupidity..

there are two types of Blogger users..

1) People who PAY to get custom domain on Blogger
2) Poeple who PAY NOTHING and use domain

Who should get better service and better quality? for sure the people who are paying money to Blogger.. But instead, with loads of stupidity, Blogger fails to protect the people who pay (the one who make them survive)..

What happen?
All people with custom domain on Blogger.. CANNOT ACCESS their website.. at all.. and Blogger don't even know what happen..

Why angry?
The people who doesn't pay anything.. ( have no problem at all with their blog.. it is all accesible.. pathetic..

How stupid of Blogger not to protect people who pay.. whatever the reasons are, people with normal brain (that can think wisely).. sure know that, the people who pay will get the best priority over those people who doesn't pay any penny..

Yeah, well said.. Blogger team is worst.. should be ashame of yourself.. kill yourself please.. do you guys even have brain? come on, people who pay you guys and the others who get it for free.. which one is your main priority..?


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