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Monday, July 19, 2010

Tips to buy DSLR

Study and do a very detail research about various brands DSLR.
There are numbers of DSLR brands like Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Hassleblad, Mamiya, Yashica, Sigma, Olympus, Samsung, Panasonic, Minolta and more. Make sure you buy what you need. Example : you are using the DSLR to take photos, why bother so much to buy DSLR with video recorder?

Compare all type of brands you can find.
Price - Cheapest and most valuable for your money
Warranty - how long the warranty last? Local warranty - you can claim at local service center (take less time than international waranty to repair or service). international warranty - you have to wait for shipping process, the DSLR will be ship back to its original service center in other country
Functionality - between all the brands and models of DSLR you find. Compare which one have the best function, easy to use and suit your style.

Don't fall for Megapixels
Normally when you go at any shop, they will try to seduce you with megapixels trick. 
Seller "this brand is good, got 18MP.. that one only have 12MP"
Buyer "ooo.. i buy that 18MP"
Bear in mind that beautiful photo are not related to MP of DSLR. Average DSLR user will just print the photo only on 4R size which equal to 3MP. Why do you need a very big MP if you just want to print on small size 4R?

Ask for more
Normally, shopkeepers will sell the DSLR body + kit lens only, when you purchase. Actually, everytime they buy DSLR stocks from distributor, it is a very standard procedure that DSLR body + kit lens come with tripod + at least 4GB memory card + bag.. They will tell you to buy these items and add some more money into it. Be careful with this type of seller. When you buy DSLR, please ask for freebies that actually is free, not buy them cheaper.. free..
Always ask for bag + tripod + lens cleaner + memory card + lens filter..

Bring someone who is experienced with buying
For a first time DSLR buyer, the idea of bringing along someone who have experiences buying DSLR might be a very brilliant idea. That person should at least know what to expect from the seller and would also give you advices and guidance during your trade. after asuccessful trade, we should treat him/her to a coffee.

more tips to come.. visit us next time..
to be continue...


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