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Friday, July 16, 2010


The Choice
Author : Ahmed Deedat

The book is mainly came from Ahmed Deedat's experiences on debating with various Christian representatives.. the highest priests, pope, avengalists, padre, churches of many nations (catholics, protestant, angelic, etc..)

He raises questions on the basic of Christianity.. the trinity concept..

Reading the book will open a wider view for us, because he basically proves the downfall of christianity basic concept by pointing out verses in the bibles.. for your information, there are thousand of bibles VERSIONS across the world. by versions the author explains.

for example:
The most read bible in the world are the King James Version and the Revised Standard Version (RSV). Among these bibles, the older one have more books than the newer one. By the power of christian hihgest authority, they throw out several books. Why? those are god's word as you claim. Can you revised god's words? Are you that brilliant than god, that you said god's words are no good and throw them away?

My explanation might not be an accurate one, i couldn't recall the numbers nd the name of those thrown away books. But to know it all, read The Choice yourself. It will ansers it all.

Many Christian have failed to explain it up until today. (that's one of the many questions Ahmed Deedat ask, many more in The Choice)

Dare to read?

the book was translated into Malay language also. Find it at your nearest bookstore.

p/s: don't like reading. youtube "Ahmed Deedat". By the way for your information Ahmed Deedat passsed away few years ago. Al-fatihah.

thanks goodness that there are several of his students around the world continuing his da'wah like Dr. Zakir Naik.


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