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Monday, July 19, 2010

How to choose GOOD DSLR?

How to choose a good DSLR?
It depends on few things. Budget, Usage, Popularity

What ever you buy please consider your budget. The best thing to do is buy DSLR that really really worth every dolar you spend.
You can also consider buying 2nd hand DSLR and its accessories with a highly caution.

What do you use you DSLR for? For hobby, taking pictures of family and landscape?
Bear in mind that DSLR have many range from beginner up until professional level.
What is the different between beginner / entry level DSLR, semi-pro DSLR and professional level DSLR? When you know what type of photography you will use your DSLR for, then you can narrow the range of DSLR that you should chpoose before buying.

By popularity, what I mean is that when the camera is popularly use, it become much easier for you to find shops that sell the same DSLR. It made it easier to find accessories, gadgets and lenses.
And most importantly, a very popular brand DSLR will surely have many user. Thus, you can communicate and learn to use your DSLR with them.
In business, if there are many sellers who sell the same thing, it will create business rival. So, the shopkeepers will fight for the best price to attract customers. This is an advantage for popular brand DSLR.

Tips to buy DSLR


meersha said...

good tips..:D

Mohd Muhaimin Radzuan said...

thank meersha.. just helping others who want to buy DSLR.. will update more in future..

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