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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bad Malaysians at Tesco


i went to the Tesco this morning.. arrived there around 7.45am.. There were around 10-12 peoples already waiting at the main gate to be open at 8.00am.

When the supermarket was open, these people rushed in. I met most of them at the meat and chicken area. Most of them them took almost a full stock of whole chicken into their trolley. they were queueing to weigh those chickens and to cut them as well. I manage to get a whole chicken for myself, Besides that, there were also chickens that were already pre-ordered the day before, they were placed behind the display area (accessible only for workers). In just 5 minutes, all the whole chicken in Tesco was bought. Nothing left on the table. While waiting for my turn to weigh the chicken with other. A lady came in that area and searching for whole chickens, she finds nothing of course. Here's the dialogue
She jumped into the queue and ask the worker

Lady (L) : Mana ayam? Sume sudah habis ka?
Tesco Worker (TW) : Habis la.. Hari ni sume orang sudah tempah
L : Mana boleh, yang banyak-banyak dalam basket belakang u tu? (sambil tuding jari)
TW : ya la, sume tu sudah ada orang tempah, semalam lagi orang tu sudah tempah. Sori ar miss ayam takde hari ni..
L : Saya mau 15 ekor sekarang
TW : Miss mana boleh macam tu.. sudah bagitau u sume dah tempah.. ayam dah habis
L : (mula jadik pompuan gile) Mana boleh tempah ratus-ratus ayam.. sy mau 15 ekor saja.. bagi saya la.. awk jangan sampai saya panggil manager.. Sy tak peduli, sy mau jugak ayam itu, sy tak kisah itu ayam sudah tempah ka belum
TW : Tak boleh la miss.. Ini orang sudah tempah lama.. Kalo U nak, lain kali u tempah awal la..
L : Saya tak pedulik, sy mau sekarang jugak! (sambil tuding2 jari cakap kuat satu Tesco boleh dengar)

All that happened, while there were like 5-6 peoples waiting and looking at her acts. She acts like she was someone very very special and everyone else were just nothing. But seriously, everyone look at her with a negative looking.. It's like "Apa la dia ni, dah tau nak ayam datang la cepat.. Dah la lambat, nak berlagak bagus plak tu"

Then the manager came in, she told everything to the manager (hoping the manager will scold his colleagues). Then the manager said "Miss, itu ayam sume sudah tempah. u jgn l nk jerit-jerit macam ni. U tengok ini orang sume tunggu lama, datang awal mau beli ayam. U datang kecoh2 potong queue nak beli ayam "

L tu malu dan berlalu pergi. Pity on the TW, he absolutely done nothing wrong and yet got scold from that crazy L for nothing. Then, he got supports from all of us in queue line "Orang macam ni jangan layan lain kali"


While picking vegetables and packing them into the plastic bags. i saw the counter (the one to weigh your vegetable), there were 3 trolleys full of vegetables waiting to be weight. Okay, that was going to be a long time in queue, but what else to do.. queue is queue.. first come first serve.. while waiting in the line, another lady (Rude Lady - RL) jumped into the line. and put all her 2 packs of vegetable to weight.

RL : Achi, kasi timbang ini dua
TW : Tak bleh la aka, aka beratur dulu ye
RL : Dua saja, sy malas la nak tunggu (dengan gaya vogue la kononnye)
TW : Sini orang beratur suda lama. tak bleh la macam tu aka
RL : Saya nak cepat ni..

Peoples in the line was making faces. But RL just ignored them, like there was no one. How rude. TW just ignorin RL's veges and weight other peoples vegetable in queue. RL took her vege with a rude face to the TW.


Again, while waiting in queue at the cash counter. Ahead of me, there were 2 trolleys. Full of items. I hate to wait, but that's what i had to do. After sometime, it's my turn.. While unloading all items on to the counter, and old lady (OL).. Jumped the line and put her things. I have to say, I hate this OL not because she jumps the queue. But because she acts really rude, jumped the line, put her things and acts like no one is there. please, OL still act uncivilized. She doesn't even say "mintak maaf ye, mak cik nak cepat".. Just making her noob face.. Thank goodness no one i knew acts like her



I hope this will be a reminder to us not to be a BAD MALAYSIAN.



Fizah Baharuddin said...

Huh, what a bad day...

Kalau adik, adik sound jer suruh org yg potong line tu beratur...mmg takde civic punye org..

Takpe, don't let those people spoil our mood :-)

~ain~ said...

ish3.. teruk giler..
takde prasaan ke ape diorng ni..
at least rase la malu kan..
hmmm.. relex je.. kite tgk, pastu amek pengajaran..

Marvin said...

Budi bahasa entah hilang pi mane...
Worse than those who does not allow ppl to cross the road at crossings, cutting queue is just simply rude.
They can cut others in a queue but not allow others to cut them.

Mohd Muhaimin Radzuan said...

adik - memang tak amek port pon.. cume pandang rendah la kat org camni.. dok pekan perangai ulu..

syg - amek pengajaran la ni.. nak kongsi dgn semua..

marvin - someday when ppl do same thing to them, these "things" will blow and angry.. senseless la i guess..

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