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Friday, November 13, 2009


Announcing the new photography blog by me.
I called it KameraMin..

Why KameraMin?

It's simple, we all know CAMERAMAN, rite?
Put my name MIN instead of MAN.. you'll get KameraMin.. :)

I have been waiting to come out with a blog all
about photography and how much I'm interested in it.

Now, I think it's the best time to launch it.
The blog banner's photo was taken by
Aizzat Othman (Bajat) when we were at KLCC park at 1.00 am.
The park was closed and we have a very minimal light souce,
so he decided to take my picture near a sidewalk light..
Bajat, a friend of mine and also a photographer.
I must say that he's also a mentor
and a big helping hand for me until now.

So, I'm doing photography of several occasions


with reasonable service charge for everyone.
complete with album in various sizes.
You can even have you own saiz if you wish to have.

Feel free to web through


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