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Friday, June 19, 2009

To Pilot Wannabe : Update 1

Referring to previous post..

Laluan Ke Angkasaraya..

There were few pilot wannabe contacted me regarding various issue on how to become pilot especially regarding the procedures..

These are some new info..

1. MARA Loan for Pilot Programme
The status of pilot loan is ON HOLD.. MARA are out of budget to give out loans for private pilot. The last interview conducted for pilot loan was on February 2009. Since then, there were no news of upcoming interview.

MARA officers said that the Pilot Loan are on discussion. The Pilot Loan may or may not continue, it all depends on the minister and MARA (for this, we can only wait). If the Pilot Loan continue, I will update about it here. So, keep in touch!

2. Medical Check-up (Vision Test)
For those who might ask what is this.. The test consist of several tests.

Vision Test : You stand up about 3 meters away from the alphabet chart (the one that have letters, big one on top until small one at the bottom. If you can read the smallest one without spectacle, you pass!!

Color Blind Test : A book consist of color dots. You will be ask to read out numbers or objects in the dots. If you can read them all correctly, you pass!!

Eye Test : It's not a test actually. The doctor will look into your eyes. He/She will determine that your eyes is healthy (no glaucoma, no catarac). This one is the easiest test.. Just sit back and relax.. you pass if the doctor says you pass!!

3. Bank Loan
Surely, if MARA don't give out loan. We'll be heading to banks.. be it MAYBANK, PUBLICK BANK or what so ever.. but please consider these factors before you make bank loan.

a) pay on the dot : you must pay the monthly installment starts from the first month you got the loan.

b) how much you can loan : depend on your 'penjamin'.. if he/she have an income around RM2500 and age below 45years old, you might get a loan of RM50000..The idea is, the more income you have, the more loan you can get (the more installment each month too)

c) try to avoid bank loan : mortgage or sell house, car, gold, land.. (depend on your family).. be sure to take them back after you have work..

4. is currently closed forever.. due to some people think that the info provided by the website is too deep (kind of leaking out company secret info and data)..

There are another choice of information about aviation..

The path to become a pilot is not that easy..
Try to keep up your spirit..
Try your best..
This is not the end.. You get to the cockpit as the result..
That is the place where your journey begins..

Those above are few updates that are available for now..

All info are collected until 19/6/2009


::sYieQo:: said...

berusahalah! yeah~ bleh mntak tiket diskaun x?? =P

Mohd. Muhaimin Radzuan said...

bole.. bole..

doakan la aku dapat blaja pilot cepat2..

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