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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

ADUN Kota Anggerik, Dewan Selangor

It has been a long time since the last time I am blogging about myself. And no, I am not an ADUN for sure. This photo was taken during a photo shoot assignment at the Dewan Selangor Opening Ceremony 2011. It is an exciting experience for me to have this opportunity. Having the chance to 'meet' the sultan and ADUN are simpy an amazing experience.

I went there the day before the event, to recce the area and also to study the flow of the event. Most importantly, being there a day early will give me the chance to feel comfort with the surrounding areas. Last but not least, event that consist formality and royal highness involve protocol and it is so tightly monitored. Becoming professional is not as easy as it seem. You will have two things in your mind, the first one is to be at the right angle to get the best shots. Secondly, to obey the protocol and not to break it at all.

It was an exciting time for and good portfolio.

For more photos of the event


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